Robot actual override procent

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  • Which controller? IRC5? S4? Do you mean the speed override from the pendant? If you do, I made this code a few years ago to send the value to the PLC so the operators can't slow the robots down without us knowing about it. You'd need to map a group output to the PLC if using this specific functionality. The proc is called from Main so it checks every cycle:

    ! Declarations

    LOCAL VAR num flexpendspeed;

    LOCAL VAR num flexactual;


    ! Procedures


    PROC speed_check()

    ! Capture speed selected by flexpendant user



    IF flexpendspeed=100 THEN

    ! Sets group output value to 100 if speed is 100%

    SetGO go_SpeedValue,100;


    ELSEIF flexpendspeed<100 THEN

    ! Remove any decimals from speed value


    ! Set group output of actual speed to PLC

    SetGO go_SpeedValue,(flexactual);

    ! Write speed information to flexpendant screen


    TPWrite " Robot system speed is not 100%";

    TPWRITE " Robot rendszer sebességét nem 100%";





    You need to tell us the controller type etc. when you ask this kind of question!

  • Thanks,

    That was exactly what I was looking for!

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