Fanuc and profinet

  • Hi every one,

    Am working on a project in which I should communicate with a Fanuc robot LR MATE 200 id 4s and controller 30iB using a Molex Profinet card and Raspberry card.

    My questions are:

    1- which robot option do I need to use to establish communication and how do I set it up on the pendant/robot?

    2- if anyone knows how to configure Raspberry card to receive and send data from the robot / if not and to keep it simple by using Windows PC? (any python API's?)

    3-should I use a socket messaging?

    4- if you have ideas, please share them with me ...

    Thank you :)

  • AD
  • There are so many questions and assumptions you can write a complete essay about that.

    Profinet and socket messaging doesn't work.

    Raspi and profinet only works with a soft plc (as far as I know), you can get it for 90 bucks or so.

    For socket messaging you don't need profinet card, the robot should have already a built in network card for that.


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