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  • Hello everyone :),

    Previously I used ABB IRB 1400 with a S4C+ controller as robot and FRONIUS TPS4000 as a welding power source with ROB5000 Interface. Recently I have bought ABB IRB 1410 with a IRC5 compact controller. I have configured IO signal and RAPID program just like my old one and there is no errors. But the main problem is process configuration. I can not do this. Please help me and guide.


    Ethernet communication is not possible for this time. Some hardware & software are to be installed at FRONIUS.

  • Maybe I'm being dense, but what process are you trying to configure?

    Sir, I am telling about PROC.cfg file. Actually the standard configuration of the robot is the Fronius devicenet communication software package. But there is no devicenet communication board, only IO board. The software package does not match the actual hardware, causing many associated signal errors.

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