S4C+ Arcitec - Replacing welding power source

  • Hello,

    At the moment we have Arcitec LRB400 power source, unstable performance.

    Idea is to replace LRB400 with brand new power source using DI/DO communication.

    Communication will be established over DI/DO signals from dsqc328. Power source needs 7 signals for schedule choosing and 1 start signal. At same time, power source communicate back by 1 enable signal, 1 signal for arc ok, 1 signal for common error. On dsqc 328, already declared as B_POS_OP_10, we have enough resources for that.

    Question is, if we due turning LRB400 off, skip PIB, what's gonna be with TCS and other PIB functions? New sinergyc power source takes a care about feeder as well.


    Also, how to modify configuration file?

    Here is attached eio and proc configuration files.

    Would you, please, advise me to find proper solution.

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  • I did this many years ago but do not have access to that backup anymore.

    Most of it was just adding the new welder parameters, satisfying some I/O and modifying some of the PIB inputs due to other changes.

    What welding equipment are you adding?

  • Hello,

    I would like to connect Migatronic power source.

    If I connect 7 DO signals:

    -Name "goCAN_SCHED" -Type "GO" -Unit "B_AW_PROC" -Phsig 21 -Length 7

    to connect as job selection on Migatronic DI's


    -Name "doWELD" -Type "DO" -Unit "B_AW_PROC" -Phsig 11

    to connect on Migatronic DI for start welding, also if on Migatronic exist quick stop to reconnect

    -Name "doQUICK_STOP" -Type "DO" -Unit "B_AW_PROC" -Phsig 14

    to appropriate DI, otherwise to disconnect it.

    Now, we're coming to PIB.

    DI signals:

    -Name "diWR_EST" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 1 -Access "All"

    -Name "diGA_EST" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 2 -Access "All"

    -Name "diGUN_OK" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 6 -Access "All"

    -Name "diGUN_RESET" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 9 -Access "All"

    -Name "diMAN_WF" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 12 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No0" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 13 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No1" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 14 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No2" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 15 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No3" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 16 -Access "All"

    instead of Unit "B_PROC_30" will be connected to dsqc328

    Unit "B_POS_OP_10" using appropriate pins.

    Considering that Migatronic have only 1 error signal, could I connect it on diERROR_No0 and put jumper to other error signals or just disconnect them?

    I still didn't figured out what's the purpose of sen1, di_SE1_DET, di_SE2_DET, diSE_VALID and diERR_STROBE - are they related to welding?

    From now on, I don't want to control welding anymore by PIB, then I intent to disconnect analog outputs for reference voltage for welding, feeding and induction as well. But, how to avoid that PIB trig some error signal related for welding process? Other processes, calibration, lubricating and wire cutting I want to keep.

    Signals diGUN OK / diGUN_RESET are related to crash sensor or bullseye? If related to bullseye I cannot move it from PIB, right?

    Also, I have error signal from Migatronic, but where to connect to trig acknowledge note on teach pendant? After acknowledge, robot should restart welding on proper path.

    Any advice welcome.

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