.KL file to .PC with Roboguide

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  • Open a cell in Roboguide.

    Expand the project tree.

    Right click on Files node (under Robot Controller1).

    You will have two options: Add or New file.

    With Add, You will add an existing file to the project (file will stay at its original location).

    With New File, You will create a new .kl file.

    After using any of the options above, double click .kl file to open it on Roboguide text editor.

    On Roboguide text editor toolbar You will find a Build button. Press it, and if .kl file is ok, without syntax errors, You will have a compiled .pc file.

    If You get errors, You can try to correct them on Roboguide text editor itself.

  • Thanks for your reply massula . When creating a cell in Roboguide the following error occurs: see picture.

    Do you know what is going on? I am running robotguide handelingPRO (trial) with administrator rights.


    Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SimPRO.RGCCommonWorkcellWizard.RGCWorkcellWizardInterface_CreateWorkcell()"

  • After adding Inboud rules for both Roboguide.exe and HandlingPro.exe I was able to create a project tree.

    And followed your steps with succes.

    Thanks for your help massula !

  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I am trying to do the same. Was able to load my AoA image into RoboGuide, create a KL file but in my text editor, the Build button is grayed out. I am currently on a temporary development machine and in a trial version, might that be why?

  • Thanks for clarifying massula! I was able to sideload WinOLPC+ and it will do the Karel translation in there as well...I assume this just calls the command prompt from a 'fancy' Windows UI. I was also able to compile with ktrans from the command line so I guess the next step is to try some of the compiled code to see if the robot plays nice. Thanks all!

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