Background Task TCP/IP will not reconnect after synchronization

  • I have written up a TCP/IP Background Task. The robot is acting as the server and I am trying to constantly listen to incoming clients. I am currently getting an error every time I synchronise the robot with the Kuka Sunrise Workbench. The error seems to be that when I reconnect I am unable to as the Socket is already Bound. This obviously means I am not closing the socket. But I am not too sure how to close the socket on an abrupt termination of the TCP/IP background task, especially when I hit the task to stop or when I go to synchronise.

    Is there a way that I could attempt to close the socket before the background task is shutoff? OTherwise I have to power cycle after everytime I synchronise.

    This is my first time writing TCPIP. So I probably havent written it in the most ideal way either. But like I said Im trying to close the serverSocket before it is synchronised. I am not too familar with how a cyclic background task comes to an end or if there is a procedure/function I need to write that is called before it is abruptly closed.

  • You could try override dispose() method in your backgroundTask.

        public void dispose() {
            super.dispose();    // not so sure this is needed. just my habit.

    And this dispose() method will be called when you press the stop button of the backgroundTask on HMI.

    - you could do it by manually pressing this stop button, or other way to directly call dispose() when you need. ("END" packet from a client or so)

    However, You still need to stop-call dispose()- it before synchronizing.

    I experienced a bug-ish reaction when I try synchronize project without manually stopping a background task.

    It seems the instance is not properly disposed if it the dispose() method hasn't been explicitly called.

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