Motoman NX100 Wrong ex of SAVE inst

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm having a problem with my NX100. Sometimes while loading and saving variables using SAVEV and LOADV the robot stops and Alarm code 4105 [235] pops up. This has been happening for a while now. The robot is using a camera for detection of products, and it's wirelessly connected to a PC where Scorpion Vision is running. When the product can't be found by Scorpion Vision and the program has been repeated a couple of times this message pops up. We have been just reseting it throughout the years but it is getting a little bit annoying after a while. Does anyone know what can be the cause to this problem? In advance, thank you for your reply.:smiling_face:

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  • That is not a DX200 pendant. Looks like a NX100. I think you answered your own question. The robot controller is telling the pc a command such as give me this data. The pc is saying no. Could be there isn’t any data to get because the camera couldn’t find the part.

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  • hublew31

    Changed the title of the thread from “Motoman DX200 Wrong ex of SAVE inst” to “Motoman NX100 Wrong ex of SAVE inst”.
  • I might have found an answer to my question. This is what I found in FS100 maintence manual. I'm not sure if this converts to NX/DX etc. but I hope it might help some of you.

    (1)Reset the alarm.
    (2)If the alarm occurs again, send EOT code to release the data link and then
    check that the sending side data is correctly set.
    (3)Check that the communication setting is correct.

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