SRVO-413 (DCS CC_SAFEIO alarm 1,1)

  • Good morning

    I am very new to DCS safe IO. I am having an issue with this alarm, srvo-413. I have checked every possible connection for it being loose. I don't have the best knowledge of DCS. We have 2 floor scanners and one light curtain.

    If the floor scanners are tripped it will Estop the robot. If I just break the light curtain it may not stop the robot. I do know our light curtain is auto resetting itself. (we are looking at changing that to if the light curtain is broke it stops the robot)

    When I go into safe io connect and view everything I do not know what is what. Example is what is SIR[5] or SIR[4]. How do I find out what each one is? The print doesn't tell me what is what. Any suggestions on how to even start seeing what is what it what to even do?


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  • I would suspect the auto reseting light curtain. Try fixing that and see if the problem goes away.

    SIR = safe internal relay. It is basically just an internal input that is set by the logic on that screen. They can be used the same as any other safety input. To see where used, look through each DCS pos and speed check detail. They can also be mapped to regular inputs using rack 36.

  • I will go through it again and check. We will be changing the auto reset sometime this week. Thanks for your input!

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