Speed Variable

  • Although I have to do this challenge anyway, but Your words encouraged me to do it effectively.
    To let you more curious, the Motor of the external axis is not manufactured from Yaskawa. But as I tried with all the different ways to get that connection and no one was successful, I was informed by Motoman, that it is not possible to connect a different motor to the Yaskawa controller as long as the Motor does not belong to the Yaskawa company.

    So i will change the Motor first of all and then I'll enjoy it :comp13:

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  • Toty Just curious, following up. Have you made any progress, success?

    Thank you for your question.

    after long ping pong emails with Motoman, I noticed the following :

    Yaskawa controller cannot work with an external axis as long as the external axis is not from Motoman.

    therefore we had to change our hardware and our configuration and then it worked. :thumbup:

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