Kuka KRC2 Devicenet repeating Inputs and Outputs over different addresses?

  • Hello, i have a issue with the configuration of the DeviceNet (MFC card). i have remote I/O units (Festo Values Ch5 2x8 Input and 9 outputs) and a (unit Ch 6 2x8 input and 2x8 Output)

    But problem is that when i have inputs from the unit ch5 DI0 i see in the KRC Input $IN[17] and $IN[33] and so on.

    so it is somehow repeating the inputs.?

    the adresses $IN[33] should be connected to the Other unit Ch6 DI0 but that one is not working at all. it all works when i only connect one unit. but when i have both it is not working. hope i just do something stupid.

    I have configured devnet.ini as:









    IOSYS.INI as:


    ; IOSYS.INI - Configuration file for the IO-System


    ; For configuration help go to the end of this file.








    INW0=0 ;$IN[1-16]

    OUTW0=0 ;$OUT[1-16]

    OUTW2=2 ;$OUT[17-32]


    INB2=5,0,x1 ;$IN[17-24]

    INB3=5,1,x1 ;$IN[25-32]

    INB4=6,0,x1 ;$IN[33-40]

    INB5=6,1,x1 ;$IN[41-48]

    OUTB4=5,0,X1 ;$OUT[33-40]

    OUTB5=6,0,x1 ;$OUT[41-48]

    OUTB6=6,1,x1 ;$OUT[49-56]


    kind regards, Marc

  • it's been long time since i dealt with KRC1/KRC2 and even then i always mapped I/O using smallest unit (byte).

    can you check of this is the issue:

    OUTW0=0 ;$OUT[1-16]

    ; OUTW1=1 ;$OUT[17-32]

    OUTW2=2 ;$OUT[33-48]

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • That will fix the problem, but the reason is:

    You have installed the older Devicenet driver dndrv.o. (in comparison to dn2drv) :smiling_face:

    With that driver the entrys in iosys.ini have a different Form than you used.

    All inputs and outputs are counted over all units, there is no number of the unit in the definition line. I. E. :

    INB2=0 ;$IN[17-24]
    INB3=1 ;$IN[25-32]
    INB4=2 ;$IN[33-40]
    INB5=3 ;$IN[41-48]
    ; the same for output...
  • Oke Hermann,

    so i have 2 units channel 5 and 6 is this than the correct way ?


    INB2=5 ;$IN[17-24]

    INB3=5 ;$IN[25-32]

    INB4=6 ;$IN[33-40]

    INB5=6 ;$IN[41-48]

  • NO, copy my example literally.

    ALL inputs are counted in one line.

    Address 5 has no. 0 and 1

    Address 6 has no. 2 and 3

    if each one has 2 bytes.

    Pay attention, some modules have extra status bytes.

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