Roboguide- backup file

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  • Abre el archivo backdate en el editor de texto de tu preferencia y modifica la versión, de 46 a 36, como indicas que tienes, guarda y abre nuevamente.

    Espero te sirva.

    V7.20P / 46 a V7.20P / 36.

    Quote from Google Translate

    Open the backdate file in the text editor of your choice and modify the version, from 46 to 36, as you indicate you have, save and open again.

    I hope it helps you.

    V7.20P / 46 to V7.20P / 36.

  • I have the newest version of ROBOGUIDE, and robot which was bought from second-hand.

    Where this robot came from? I don't know what is option H590, but I didn't find it on my RG as well, so I'm guessing this is some automaker customization.

    If this robot came from an automaker plant, like GM or VW, You will need to get the correct FRVRC for this specific robot.

    I would also take a look on orderfil.dat file, to see if there is any hint there.

    Anyway, You can try the method mentioned by ing.diazesquivel36

    On some situations, it will work.

  • I ran into the same error and I was trying to restore the backup in WeldPro. I switched to HandlingPro and I was able to restore it.

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