MOTOMAN PASSWORDS and parameters that are "paid for software options" !!!!!!!!

  • Hello all:

    I have been asked by Motoman Japan to remove a topic in particular and also to remove the "secret" software passwords from the different posts.

    Please DO NOT POST "YASKAWA MODE" PASSWORD IN THIS FORUM. They will be deleted

    Please DO NO POST parameters that are "paid for software options"

    Please BE PROFESSIONAL, DO NOT ask members of the Yaskawa team about password either. You are jeopardizing their jobs

    Please avoid asking for or offering passwords


    Retired but still helping

    Edited once, last by Fabian Munoz ().

  • Somar's post is perfectly understandable, yet users still seem to be ignoring our requests. To avoid any doubt, the following will now apply :-

    1. Any user posting Yaskawa / Motoman password(s) will be banned permanently without further warning. The post will also be deleted.

    2. Any user requesting passwords to be sent by e-mail will be banned for a period of time depending on the moderator's choice. The post will also be deleted.

    I hope we have made our intentions perfectly clear - even though Somar's post was clear in the first place :waffen100:

    All other posts in this thread have been deleted to avoid any doubt. Please note - this is no longer a topic for discussion :baseball:

    Thread now locked.

    There are 10 types of people in this world - those who understand binary, and those who dont.

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