Transfare program from KRC2 to KRC4

  • Hi all

    I got a project where we have to change robot and cabinet. We will replace from KRC2 to KRC4. So before i accept project i want to know if old program from KRC2 works in KRC4 8.6.6. or i need to write it all over again? Or what do i need to change. I am new to kuka programing so i dont have a lot experience in this stuff

    Thank You

    Aljaž K.

  • It depends. If programs use inline forms or not. And if they use special features like messages, handling user defined softkeys or so.

    Configuration of I/O is complete different.

    It is no big problem to convert Krc2 to KRC4 programs, if you have experience with Kuka systems.

    But as a beginner, may be you will run into some problems. That depends on how much experience you have with general programming tasks.

  • KSS version is more important than "KRC2/4". It would help to know the version numbers.

    Basically: try it and see. Once you can see the compilation errors, you'll have an idea of how much work the program needs to be fixed.

    KRL remained mostly the same from 5.x to 8.x -- the big changes were in certain system variables, and items like the Message engine. Another difference is the :IN and :OUT tags in the DEF lines of subroutines -- under KSS 5.x, they were optional, but from KSS 8 onwards, they became mandatory.

    In-Line Forms... are potentially an an entire bucket of worms. Especially if you had any Tech Packages on the robot that added additional TP-specific ILFs. If you have a program with a lot of ILF moves, and the KRC4 doesn't like the ILFs, one workaround might be to copy the .DAT file only, then re-create the ILFs in the KRC4 by hand. Annoying, but should work -- this will keep the original positions, but create up-to-date ILFs for them in the .SRC file.

    Another thing to keep in mind: things like your Tool, Base, and Load data in $CONFIG.DAT -- your copied programs will not work properly unless you also copy those across. However, do NOT simply copy $CONFIG.DAT from the old robot to the new one! Find the variables in the older robot's $CONFIG.DAT that you need, and copy those over.

  • Hello! Thank you

    I'll do it. Got more than month to do it. If i create project in Workvisual and check program it shuld warn me about errors?

    I have found some PDF fine Compatibility from 5.x to 8.x. i will post it here.

    Than you again.

    have a nice day


  • The Compatibility PDF will definitely help you, it covers most of the KSS changes.

    I would upload the active project from the KRC4 into WV, save it under a new name, then start making your changes in the new project. That way, WV will be guaranteed to be working with the same KSS version as your KRC4 has, which might not be the case if you create the project from scratch in WV.

    The syntax checking in WV's KRL editor isn't great, but it's probably the best you have outside of actually compiling the code in the robot itself. So, yes, starting off in WV would probably be a good idea.

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