420iw rj2 checksum error

  • Hi,

    I have a 420iw with a rj2 controller.

    When starting the controler stop In the beginning at checksum 3a9ab349.

    When i shearch for this problema nothing appears of the manuals.

    Does annyone know how to solve this or what could BE the problem?

    Thank you

    Bruno Dias

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  • Hi Skooter! After trying several times i got the controller to start. After that i didnt Turn the controller off. But Im preparing for the Worst.

    Next time i have that problem i Will take some boards, cables and spray wd40 on the contacts.

    Last time i made a control start.

    I think the problem is a memory board the problem is to find the right One.

    Im In contact with unisgroup there business is reparing old machines. Do you have any other advice?

  • Make a current backup while it's running just in case!! Besides the 'All of Above' it would be great if you have the Controller Backup option. Check to see if you have it by going to Status\Version ID, it will be listed there if you have the option.

    If you got the controller to start, it may have been a connection and won't happen again if you're lucky.

    If you pull the Main CPU or Power Supply, make sure the battery is plugged into the Main CPU, not the Power Supply.

    DO NOT remove the CMOS or FROM daughter boards unless you are going to reload software.

    Never used WD-40. Not comfortable with the residue it leaves behind attracting dirt.

    Good idea to get other opinions.

  • I try several times to make a backup all above but it stop at the Middle of the fith file.... I even try to make a backup of the controller softwear (with kfloppy) but it didnt complet the second file... I rely on a controller backup made Im a robô with similar característics...

    Dosent look good but i'm going to manage something.

    Mabe i cant make backups because a bad memory card.. or the connection between them..

  • I try several times to make a backup all above but it stop at the Middle of the fifth file....

    Try doing the file types (system, tp, application, etc.) individually instead of 'All of Above'. System & TP would be helpful if you can get them.

    Is it the same when trying to backup in the File menu at Controlled Start?

  • álcool, thank you for the tip Herman!

    Skooter i try several times backup all above and One by One but when i get to on of the files of the system its allways stops. If i have any problem with a memory can i get the sistem files from another controller? I don't know mutch about it but i Guess that i have to remaster the robot... and other more ir less Simple stuff... Hopefully

  • I've had several experiences with R-J2 in the past that had similar or worse issues where it was fixed by reloading software or controller backup from same type robot (at customer's request) doing same work in plant when no software was available in time. Also had a bad Main CPU cause the same. A few times just wiggling the daughterboards in place and reseating all boards and connectors have made problems go away. Whatever the root of the problem is, I hope it's the easiest and cheapest fix.

  • You are working with robots for some time, Imagine there is alot of stories to tell. So a Simple thing to do is just take the daughter memory out and In again? I must get a diagram that can show me the right positivo of this boards só i don't make a big mistake.... The robot is working fine at the time (because i never Turn it off), but i had an error when i was running a cadcam program that is attatched In the pic. In the manual says its an internal error and that i should call FANUC suporte ir something. I just errased the program load another programs and never had that problem. Do you think it can BE related to the checksum situation?

  • I would not remove the 3 memory cards, just wiggle them slightly in place. Removing them will dump the software.

    Regarding the internal error - it could be related. No way to prove it's hardware or software without actually reloading software. Not have the software disks or a good backup definitely makes it tough.

  • Hi Skooter,

    Thank you for the diagram and the tip, I was really thinking of removing the cards :)

    I finally found a technician that work with RJ2, i just talk to him by the phone but he really knows about this machine and help make a system copy.

    He said the same as you having a good softwear backup is crutial. Like i said before i have one from other robot... hope that can be installed with no problems..

    If i need can you get me a copy from a machine like mine?

    Thanks Skooter you have being a great help!

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