Communication between PC software and ABB controller

  • So,

    I'm testing the Robot web service between ABB controller and my laptop. I'm able to make some basic command with postman(with one tutorial). But because I'm not expert in programming side. Could somebody share some example how I can go further (best example is a simple solution which is made with Visual Studio)?

    I tried to search from here and read ABB tutorials, check youtube but maybe I use wrong words etc. But I couldn't found out what I was looking for.

  • AD
  • I need to read modules variable values and hopefully also read robot alarm messages. I haven't had time to make any more tests, but hopefully this week I have slot to test more. I already checked those examples.....but there are still some much to learn/test.

    WOuld be nice if ABB has some simple example/test program. Like example KUKA is having

  • I think you can run this example using Visual studio :)

                // Setup http client handler
                handler = new HttpClientHandler();
                handler.Proxy = null;   // disable the proxy, the controller is connected on same subnet as the PC 
                handler.UseProxy = false;
                handler.UseCookies = true;
                handler.CookieContainer = CookieMonster;
                handler.Credentials = Credentials;
                // Create http client
                client = new HttpClient(handler);

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