Yaskawa ERC program back up

  • Hello

    I’m fairly new to robotics, but I’m finding my way around an old Yaskawa K10s with an ERC controller that we purchased for some pick and place proof of concepts for a CI initiative.

    I’ve seen serial to USB drives being used on CNC machines in place of floppy drives (like the Titan DNC), a floppy emulator that can save your programs to a virtual floppy on a USB if you have the Yaskawa floppy unit, and I’ve read about the Yaskawa computer program that you can use to connect with and save your programs.

    I just wanted to see what experiences people have had with the above or alternate ways to save a program from an ERC or other old controller.

    Is it possible to connect a laptop with a serial to USB and use a virtual drive emulator?

    Thanks for reading

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  • If you want to manually backup your ERC robot you will need FDE for windows. This is a software package from Yaskawa that works in Windows 10 and uses the RS232 communications of the ERC. Other than the software you will meed to buy the USB to RS232 converter a null modem cable and a 9 to 25 pin adaptor.

    All the ERC software to make an external PC act like a external storage drive will not work on a 64 bit computer and will not run on Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP.


  • Thank you for replying, much appreciated.

    I’ll will check out the FDE

    Are there 32bit windows or Linux options to let an external PC act like an external storage drive?

  • Isn't there a hardware lock for this? You need it in order to make backups? (USB dongle)

    You can try YasXfer otherwise (See attached manual)

    The hardware key would come with the software.

    YasXfer is a European product. Looking at the attached data sheet they list nothing newer than an NX controller. The NX came out in 2004. This product may be discontinued. The OP would have to contact Yaskawa GmbH.

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