KUKA SimPro 2.0 Software Training/Tutorials/User Manual

  • So here we are. Six months into fooling around with this software and so far I have accomplished dropping a robot into a layout (had that done on day one). Beyond that, nothing and there are no tutorials or instructions or manuals or any documentation (as is apparently KUKA's preferred method of abandoning the customer) for accomplishing anything further. It would sure be great if I could create a component (well, I actually was able to do that also) and after dropping it into the layout, have some way of attaching this tool to the robot mounting plate, but this is just not happening. Zip. Zero. Nada. Seems like it should be pretty rudimentary day-one type of information that should be somewhere, but nope.

    Browsing through this forum, it looks like I am not the only one out there with this problem and from the zero replies on requests for manuals or tutorials or instructions, it looks like there's just nothing out there. Is that the case? Nothing more than the laughably-named "tutorials" built into the software that, as another user noted, simply show a task as step one and then everything is finished in step 2?

    Can it really be that there is nothing out there for support for this software?

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