Need help with info on faults of industrial robots

  • Hi all, i'm not a robotics expert but i've been asked to create some documentation about fault finding in industrial robots. Specifically I need to write about: 1) data capture methods (selecting the correct data capture methods to help fault diagnostic and rectification); 2) how faults can lead to increased energy usage over time.

    I need an expert or some resources to help understand these. Can anyone point me towards useful resources on the topic? Or is anyone here an expert or work in maintenance and might be able to help? I have a small budget but might be able to compensate someone for their time.

    Let me know if you can help or know anyone/anywhere I can go!?

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  • Thanks for the reply. No, it's supposed to be brand agnostic (although I can use an example or two for a specific brand to illustrate the point). It's likely to be super high-level so just the main principles without having to get into the details of specific brands.

  • Most robots maintain some degree of internal fault logging, in a FIFO-style buffer. How "deep" that buffer is, how much detail it provides, and whether or not it is saved to external media when a backup is made, all varies between brands.

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