KAREL and Setting up socket server

  • Hi all,

    Do I need to buy the KAREL license option to setup a socket server on the R30iA Mate Controller.

    Or is there a way to do it without purchasing KAREL license?

    I want to send the robot position via TCP/IP to the client side (PC). R648 (User Socket Msg) is installed on the controller.

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  • What generation of controller? R30iA and up you will need a license for Karel.

    You will likely need Karel to send the robot's current position out via TCP/IP.

    If refresh rate isn't critical, you could just query the robot's webpage every second or so.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here! Now open source!

    Check out my example Fanuc Ethernet/IP Explicit Messaging program here!

  • Thank you for your reply Nation.

    FANUC Robot LR 200 iC/5L and R30iA controller, so I will purchase KAREL.

    The webpage data is too slow for me. Do you know how fast I can retreive the data with a socket server via TCP/IP?

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