Can't find button to create backup file.

  • Hello everyone,

    Last week I received a Fanuc program from a customer.

    I open it in Roboguide. When I open virtual pendant, I can't find the button to enter backup menu

    (please see the picture). Beside, all dispaly indicator turn green like it being in simulation progress.

    May anyone help me, please.

  • AD
  • I'm sorry that I can't take picture because of the confidential policy of my company.

    I open it in Roboguide like other normal workcell files. It include : TP programs, UT points. I just can't manage to create a backup file.

  • So you received a complete workcell file, but not a Fanuc program like mentioned in your first post?

    But what kind of files did you receive?

    Best way is to create a compressed workcell within roboguide. Until now you didn't tell us what file format you received from your customer.

    Workcell files include much more than TP programs and ut points.

    With that vague descriptions it will need a crystal sphere to help you.

  • Finally, I create successfully the back up file. I don't know which Roboguide version my customer used. But I must change the directory, instead of clicking into:ユ-テリテイ(Utility)->バックアプ(Backup), I must click: MENU1->7.ファイル(File)->1.ファイル(File)->Select 全部(All)and then 保存(Save). I choose MC folder to save them, so that there is many type of files in it: .VR, BACKDATE.DT, .TP, .LS, .SV, .XML...

  • What backup file are you trying to create?

    I created a backup file: BACKDATE.DT. But when I make a new robot from it, the new robot doesn't have 3D tool and simulation programs which exit in the old robot workcell. Do you know how to solve this problem.

  • Those things are not stored in a backup created via TP backup. That are parts of the simulation workcell. The backup made by TP is the same as you get it from a real robot.

    If You want the complete simualtion workcell you need to open and use the file you got from your customer. See my post above.

    You can try to export them in the original workcell you got from the customer and import it in your new created one.

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