Searching for help with with KEB and IOB 16-16B - ​<SYS-X44> Error during ECat stack initialization ....

  • Hello I need some help with KEB and IOB 16-16B,

    I have a KRC4 compact controller with KSS 8.5.8 and it came with an IOB 16-16B (Input Output Board) on the KEB (WV base project screenshot attached).
    When I start it up a <SYS-X44> Error during ECat stack initialization [NetworkResponse() no Network Response) error is showing up.

    I already tried to wire the X55 (connecting pin 6 with pin 8 and pin 7 with pin 5), nothing changed.

    I also had a look inside: no additional EK1100 visible. Photos attached.

    In another thread I read something about the necessity of powering the IOB externally through the X55 pin 1 & 2, does anybody know if that´s right? And can I use pin 8 & 7 to power 1 & 2?

    My goal is to finally be able to connect a EK1100 and a EL1809 to the X65 / KEB (Screenshot goal attached).

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  • your screenshot shows that you want to connect Beckhoff I/O WITHOUT using IOB board.

    well if that is what you want, you sure can... and it is easy.

    right now you have KEB go through IOB:

    CCUsr.X44 -> IOB ->X65

    so to do what you ask, you need to reroute the Ethernet cable and go directly from

    CCUsr.X44 -> X65

    Then externally add EK1100 etc as you please. You can use external 24V supply too.

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  • panic mode thanks a lot for your quick reply!!

    CCUsr.X44 -> X65 would be ideal, but I do not have any experience with switching cables inside of the controller and don´t know how the IOB and CCUsr.X44 slot looks like. Is there also a solution without switching cables inside of the controller?

    Would it be possible to go through IOB?
    E.g. CCUsr.X44 -> IOB ->X65 ->EK1100

  • i still don't understand what is your objective?

    do you want to have some IOs, regardless if using IOB or Beckhoff?

    or do you want to use Beckhoff I/O only... and ignore IOB?

    IOB is a nice product and i would just go for it since already part of the system. even though i am not much of fan of DB50 connector....

    this means wiring it properly (both I/O and power) as indicated in your system documentation. schematic is given for a reason - use it. wiring on X55 can vary from one unit to another.

    if the I/O are needed elsewhere, you can add external I/O, such as Beckhoff...

    you can do it by either bypassing IOB (removing IOB from KEB) or daisy chain KOB through IOB.

    as mentioned before, bypassing means reconnecting Ethernet cable inside KRC so that it goes straight from X44 to X65. in this case IOB is not part if IO configuration in WorkVisual. It is easily done as one just need to more ethernet connection around.

    And if you don't want to modify internal wiring of the controller, just include IOB in the bus configuration. You don't really have to wire it or map its I/Os if you only want to use external IO.

    the point is that physical wiring of the bus and WorkVisual configuration must match. in case of a mismatch bus will not work for ANY of the nodes (yes that means connecting or removing ONE node on KEB kills entire KEB and NO device on that bus can communicate).

    that can happen if:

    1. some node(s) are configured but not connected to the bus OR

    2. node(s) are connected but not configured OR

    3. node(s) are configured but connected order does not match configuration.

    4. connected node is configured and the network connections order is correct but the node is unable to communicate (perhaps not powered up)


    your initial post indicates scenario #4

    note: if you don't know how to read schematics, identify interfaces shown in schematics, and safely and correctly change connections, you have no business even opening controller.

    here is a intro to KEB and how to unplug network cable.

    connecting back is just in reverse.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

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  • panic mode wow thanks for the extensive reply!

    My objective: I am currently remotely installing a robotic art installation of mine with a locally rented robot. I have send a Sick scanner wired to an external EK1100&EL1809 and an external 24V power. So the EK1100>EL1809>Scanner part would be done and ready to be connected to X65.

    It's nice to know that I could do it with IOB and DB50 too, but if possible I would avoid guiding someone remotely through the EL1809 unwiring and DB50 rewiring. The remote part is also the reason why I do not have the schematic by hand right now and why I am looking for the solution with the least physical rewiring.

    Your answers already solved most of my questions :) Just one point I am not sure yet:

    When doing a daisy chain through IOB ( KEB>IOB>X65>EK1100 - WoV screenshot attached ).
    Did I understand it right that the IOB still needs power from the X55 to forward the X65 signal to KEB?

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    IOB is powered internally (X3). This allows it to communicate all the time.

    But if you need to use actual I/O on the IOB, you need to make sure to wire external circuit correctly (X12).

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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