Robot projects

  • Hello,

    I'm new on this forum

    I'm trying to collect and describe list of projects

    I'm not looking for top projects in robotics and AI like Boston Dynamics, Festo, Disney animatronics, Google Duplex, IBM Watson, Google Brain, Blue Brain, Cyc, Human Brain Project, any Industrial robots etc.

    I'm trying to find something that difficult to find with Google search priorities, because it seems like many interesting results is a quite hidden for basic requests, because I'm trying to populate this list with more unknown projects with different levels of approach and design

    They are different, but my priority in this research is to look for interesting implementation in terms of conversational robot with humanoid design.

    Seems like there are many interesting ideas hidden by mainstream and most recognizable stuff.

    So, maybe community can help with some hints for better search of less known and interesting projects

    Thank you

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  • My list includes very different stuff l..........

    They are different, but my priority in this research is to look for interesting implementation in terms of conversational robot with humanoid design.

    Very very different, indeed.

    But you have to find a way to categorize them, or your list will become HUGE.

    In industrial robot world there are a few model used (6 axis, SCARA, 3 cartesian axis, etc.),

    At the end there is a "humanoid" category, here a very short and incomplete list:

    - SDA series (Yaskawa Motoman)

    - YuMi (ABB)

    - DUARO (Kawasaki) [a double SCARA, not sure if it could be called humanoid]

    I don't know how many of these has been solded, for sure they are not mainstream even in the industrial robotics field.


    Even if YuMi and DUARO are quite a COBOT, they are not conversational at all.

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  • Hello, Motouser!

    Thank you for your feedback and answer

    I think I already have a good classification for different types, and list is also quite good, but I'm sure, not enough

    Search for some type of projects is a simple to find and maybe huge for listing, but some types are very unique, different and separated from anything else, not popular, difficult to find

    Some of them are quite simple, but smart or conceptually interesting, and some just amazing, I have this kind in list by different categories. Actually it is huge research, and why I am here, because I am stuck on this specific type

    From your list I know all, but my actual type requires to find developments where human is able to interact with device or computer with typed text or speech, and unlike almost all different types of chat-bots that fully correspond to this behavior, also should have anthropomorphic body design. In this case, unlike robots you've listed, no matter with or without ability perform work tasks.

    This type of robots in my classification has only two sub-types, one where the dialog model is a voice commands set to perform same work tasks or search results let's say just like Google Assistant does, and the second one, which is focused on the dialogue, semantic processing, etc categorization may covers any level of design from hobbyist to hi-tech implementations

    My goal is a second sub type, and seems like it is rare, because mostly it is not product, just some lab or personal scientific researches and worst thing for me is that the number of them are only described, but not implemented or shown in any friendly form with image or video, available enough to obverse and describe like Erica robot or Alexa robotic talking head, autism therapy toy robot products, popular Sofia, or even different in many aspects, but close by form of interaction (not processing, engineering or research levels of course) for example like Baby X AI project, according my classification it is digital anthropomorphic design and some conversational form of input and output, besides general neural research in this project

    I was not able to find any fully appropriate forum for this question to ask people who may personally have deal with such projects or just know some links

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  • Thank you for links and sorry for late replay

    To contact directly each research or author seems quite difficult especially when catalog requires only generalized information

    Anyway, thank you

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