Autohome program Fanuc

  • Hello Everyone

    I make program called by PLC using RSR. RSR0001 is main program, RSR0002 is autohome program. When robot autorunning and emergency button is pressed, robot stopped in the path of main program (not in homepose). I want to pressed autohome button that called RSR0002 program, but the program doesn't running. I must abort all by fctn button in teach pendant. Must be UO program paused is off when call another program (RSR0002) while first program (RSR0001) doesn't finish yet? if it is yes, how to abort program if that program doesn't finish?

    Thank you

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  • Thank youu.

    I will try it.

    In menu>system>config set cstopi to abort all.

    Have the PLC pulse the UI cstopi signal and reset before calling your autohome program.

    Add a small delay in between each signal pulse.

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