IRB 1400 S4C, irregular linear and circular movements

  • Hello,

    We have an IRB1400 S4C M2000 into FlexArc cell, production year 2002.

    Since we purchased the robot, we can not achieve regular linear neither circular movements. Deviations aren't so huge, but it's boring to interpolate almost each linear movement in so many points. Situation in circular movements is even worse. Considering that robot performs arc welding application, each new program even modification of existing ones becomes very difficult and exhausting.

    I doubt that someone abroad made (fine) calibration procedure wrong because on robot missing several movable / stationary calibration marks.

    I know that calibration pendulum device could help us but, due pandemic, we cannot reach any ABB service having device to perform that or to borrow us to do it ourselves.

    Does someone have any idea how to fix it without calibration pendulum device?

    Also, maybe my concern isn't right - perhaps something else can cause described issue? Any idea to resolve, please?

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  • Check the calibration offsets, should be on the robot and in the cabinet on a sticker. Make a backup before changing anything. Go to the zero position, all joints at 0 degrees, you can try to check axis 4 if the alignment marks are missing with a level. Check your TCP, reteach if necessary. Finally, check that the correct robot type has been installed for the system. Again, sticker on the robot, type installed in MOC parameters or viewable in service screen.

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