Reading information from a OptoForce F/T sensor in python

  • Hi

    I am trying to implement a haptic algoritm on a UR5e robot, however I have installed a OptoForce Hex_E sensor as there F/T sensor in the UR5e is not up to my demands.

    Now comes the problem with geting the F/T sensor to communicate with the rest of my python code over a USB connection.

    First I attempt to read strait from the USB, however I was not able to get the critical information for implementing this way. The lsusb -D command in the terminal did not work resulting in that I was not able to get information regarding vendor and the product. This command worked for all other USB devises plunged into my computer so I think this is connected to the sensor itself and not my coding skills.

    Second I used sudo ./ODV6D to get forces and torques, print them to a file and attempted to read from this txt.file using python code. This ran into the problem with the python cod not being able to read until the txt.file were completed. Negating the use of the system as a real time way to transfer the information.

    Do anybody out there know of another way to read information from an OptoForce F/T sensor in python


    A young engineer

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