Trying to get online with MELSEC mitsubishi FX 2N-80MR PLC module

  • We received a cell that has a MELSEC Mitsubishi FX 2N-80MR PLC installed. We need to access the PLC program for troubleshooting and additional programming and backing up. What software do I need to open the PLC program and how do we connect to this old PLC device? I'm trying some things now but it's risky as I don't want to accidently lose the programming and be unable to run the line for some reason.

    We use Allen Bradley PLCs in the plant and connecting so far does not seem similar.

    I'm using a USB to ethernet device hooked into the Mitsubishi PLC.

    I basically need someone to explain how to connect like I'm a 5 year old for this PLC style.

    Please help!

  • hi

    software needed GX works 2 (newest one) or GX developer

    for gxw2 see attached picture (develope will be somehow similar)

    not sure what you mean by

    " I'm using a USB to ethernet device hooked into the Mitsubishi PLC. "

    need some more explanation abut this

    maybe this manual could help


    main problem is, that FX2s cannot hold symbolic information and comments, so even if you sucesfully get the software out it will be in pure ladder logic without any comment and/or devices names (totaly would contact your integrator for sw backup if possible)

    Edit: im no admin or something like this, but this forum is about robots, for PLC related problems there are better places out there (like

  • I was able to finally get online. And yeah you're right, there is no tags or descriptions on the logic. Which isn't helpful. We contacted the integrator and they don't have any back up files for us. So guess I'm SOL. :thumbs_down::upside_down_face:

  • if integrator failed there is nothing to do, other than demand backup file next time before full payment...

    You can manualy start adding comments as you go through the program, but if it is something complex its not the most enjoyable thing to do...


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