ACKN brake error A1-A6 (After External Axis Removed)

  • I have a quick question about my kuka krc2 ed05, kr 210. all the motor brakes are locked, but I have already checked: continuity in the cable, continuity in all the fuses, I have checked for voltage on my x12, the motor breaker on the left wall. All that was fine, so I figured the problem must be because of the external axis I took off, a spot welder. So far I have checked the motor drives, I know that a resistor or relay can be on those sometimes, but that isn't there, and In the machine.dat file I have changed it to simulate an extended axis off by changing this line INT $AX_SIM_ON='B0000' to this INT $AX_SIM_ON='B01000000' then I cold started the controller, but still no luck. I have included pictures of the cabinet and if you need I can also include the archive of the whole system!



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  • that is an Acknowledge message, you should just acknowledge it and see it go away. if it cannot be cleared you have a problem.

    solution is not to simulate it (because axis is gone and you are not planning to use it).

    problem can be either electrical or configuration or both.

    if external axis is no longer used (and i see drive is already removed from controller), adapt configuration by setting number of external axes to zero:

    INT $EX_AX_NUM=0

    also it will not hurt to reset all settings related to axis "7" back to defaults.

    here are settings related to brake:


    you can also compare your current MADA with factory MADA on D: and see if anything else could be a problem.

    but if you are suddenly experiencing issues with brakes of the robot...and settings are fixed... is the motors cable connected (X20-X30)?

    also check wiring - how exactly was servo-gun brake connected? should be on a separate circuit with own circuit breaker and wires most likely going to KPS6000.X12 terminals 3 and 4. if not (maybe it was wired together with robot brakes), removal may have ruined something or tripped breaker in lower left corner or blown fuse on KSP600 (those don't have indicators).

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • I checked my machine.dat file, the params you mentioned are correct, although mine had $DSECHANNEL[12]=0 but I figured that was no big problem as all the external axis were set to 0 anyways. the way they wired the servo gun to the robot was thorugh the RDC board at the base of the robot, but that should have been just for the external axis and not the brakes if I am correct. The x12 connector has 27 volts to it when the enabling switch is pressed on the pendant, and I am not seeing anything else out of the ordinary on on the KPS. With that said I will definatly do more digging and give you cable codes, like x16, which I removed. The breaker and fuses are fine, I continuty checked all fuses. Some more info that might help is: on the KPS led 3 and 4 are blinking really fast and led 5 only goes green for a second when the brake error comes up. Another thing is, when I press the enabling switch I here the drives click, when I go to jog the robot I here a high pitched sorrt of beep from the robot like the motors want to move but a second after that I recive the new STOP error on the pendant that won't let me jog anymore. I hope some new info helped!


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