R-30iA 7-8 axis milling or plasma setup

  • Hello.

    I have a fanuc robot R-30iA and i want do milling or plasma cutting with robot..

    8 axis... 6 axis the robot + 1 axis for rotary table + 1 axis for linear rails + cutting spindle or plasma

    I have extra fanuc servomotors(3-4kw range) but not servo drives for these motors also i have inverters-spindle / plasma

    Is there a manual how to install 2 more axis and how to connect inverter-spindle/plasma to communicate with robot ?

    (what connection analog- digital I/O, profibus, interbus ?)

    Can i run g code to robot or i need CAD CAM software to output karel code ?

    A lot of questions...

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  • What the heck are you doing?

    You want to delete additional axis, and few minutes later you want to add additional axis? What about changing the already configured axis?

    Refer to RE: SRVO - 419 PROFisafe comm error 1,1

    Be warned: handling with fanucs additional axis is not that easy. And you need some additional options depending on the wishes you have for the additional axis. May be you have them on your robot, because he already has some additional axis configured.

    You can get a documenation from Fanuc. They have a customer resource center (CRC). https://crc2.frc.com/ (for customers in America) or https://my.fanuc.eu/ (for customers in Europe).

    The robot can't run g code. You need CAD/CAM software to create TPP code not Karel code. You already asked that:

    RE: newbie to fanuc robot

    So maybe, with that option mentioned in the thread above the robot can run g code.

    This will be too much stuff be done via the forum. jm2c

  • I want to delete extra axis to be able to jog the robot... i have not jog yet.

    If i delete external can't add external axis in future ?

    I don't want now to add external axis now just asking if exist this option with standard software..

    Of course you right these iam asking are out of the scope of forum just need more directions where to look..

    With image backup first is there safety to delete all external axis or do completely init start?

    I want only to jog robot and run some simple program to verify the the robot is ok

    when i find time of course i will read the fanuc manuals for details..

    Thank you.

  • One problem (not technical, but administrative) is that you talk about deleting the axis for moving the robot, this is OK, but in an other thread you talk about adding axis, without mentioning that you already have\had installed additional axis. As I stated you need options for additional axis so it is essential to know that you already have those options. If someone doesn't know both threads, that behaviour is complicating things.

    Init start will not delete your additional axis, as far as I know. But you can try. You even could have been tried that a hundred times instead of posting here.

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