Number of variables B, I, D, R, P

  • Hi,

    in the "Motoman NX100 Controller Operator’s Manual for General Purpose" page 196 it is stated that there are 100 available variables of type B, I, D and R, and 127 of type P.

    Is it possible to increase this number, i.e., be able to use 2000 variables of type D, for instance?

    Thx in advance.

  • To close this thread, in YRC1000 this can be done as explained in:

    - "YRC1000 OPERATOR’S MANUAL FOR MAINTENANCE MODE" manual, Section "Variable Allocation".

    Note that first it is needed to go to System Security and set into Safety Mode. You will need the password for this.

    All so you may want to do a backup of the jobs. This procedure will erase the current jobs and all the values of the variables will be reset.

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