ABB S4C cross connection (QuickTeach)

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    I am working with the m98 s4c controller. I am using QuickTeach the a program.I have to use cross connection.Only from and to options are available in section cross conneciton.Your example from= do1 to=do2.When do1 is true ,the do2 signal becomes true.It appeares as -Lact "do1" Lres "do2" in the EİO file.The system only allows me to use one Lact (From).I want to use mor than one Lact.Is there a way to make a program like -Lact 1 "do1" and -Lact 2 "do3" -Lres "do2"?(Irc 5 allows this.)

    Let do2 true(1) when do1 true(1) and do3 true(1).And or is it possible to use its doors?

  • Lets see if I remember the &, plus(+), and not(*) in the crosses correctly.

    do1=true and do3=true results do2=true

    -Lact "do1 & do3" -Lres "do2"

    do1=true and do3=false results do2=true

    -Lact "do1 & *do3" -Lres "do2"

    do1=true and do3=true results do2=true and do4=true

    -Lact "do1 & do3" -Lres "do2 + do4"

  • I get an error like this when doing a restore.How can I fix this?

    and not (*) perform the same task as door or door?

    for example

    do1=false and do3=false and do4=false results do2=?

    -Lact "do1 & *do3 &* do4 " -Lres "do2"

    do1= false or do3= false or do4=false results do2= false

    how can I do that?

    (Must be wrong when done with the OR gate.)

    What will be the result when we do it with gate and not (*)?

    Or can I use a symbol for the door?

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  • Don't edit the backup. Edit a copy of the EIO.cfg and then load that in the parameter menu.


    do1= false or do3= false or do4=false results do2= false

    If I read this as any false results in a false, then this will work:

    -Lact "do1 & do3 & do4 " -Lres "do2"

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