YASKAWA YRC1000 Change scientific notation to normal

  • Hi,

    I have a question that is proving a bit harder than I was expecting.

    When I am working with Real Variables I'll try:

    SET R000 3000

    But the controller will change the display to scientific notation:

    SET R000 3.000000E+04

    Is there a way to change fom scientific notation to normal?

    I've been browsing some documentation but nothing pops up with the name 'scientific notation'.

    The weird thing is that, if I open the CMOS.bin of the robot on MotoSim it will not display the scientific notation

    Best Regards,

    Bruno Ramos

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  • Can you explain, possibly with pictures, as to what this does? I have changed the parameter and not seen a change.

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

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