Simple external HMI without PLC?

  • I know you said no new options, but...

    Proface HMIs plus the SNPX protocol (which Fanuc calls Basic HMI) worked pretty well for me in the past. We outfitted an entire plant in that maner. No plcs involved. It was great.

    You can access virtually everything in the robot, from the active alarm, to the current position, to all IO and data registers.

    Hi Nation

    Me and my colleague are trying to do exactly this at the moment. We are not at all experienced in Ethernet IO so are feeling our way through. We have been working on this a lot but have so far been unable to even achieve a connection with the HMi. Do you have any settings you could share for the Proface set up? Everyone seems to have different ideas. Our feeling is that it shouldn’t be this difficult 🤯😂

    Thanks in advance.

  • Weintek for cheap and realiable HMI's with SNPX protocol. Their software called EasyBuilder is free.


    Would it be possible to have more infos how to configure the communication between FANUC and Weinteck ? I struggling to have them to communicate ... (Robot is LR Mate 200id and IHM is cMT2108)

    If you can precise which driver you used and if any special configuration is required in the robot ..

    That would help me a lot ...

    Thanks a lot !


  • Hello Christophe,
    No special configuration is needed, for basic communication. You need the SNPX option on the robot side.
    Look for the HMI SNPX Manual from FANUC. In the manual you can find all the assignments for the I/O, R's , PR's and alarms.

    On Weintek side you can use the following driver: GE Automation -> GE 90-30 on Ethernet and you input the IP of the robot. Make sure that HMI and robot are in the same IP subclass.
    Notes: Even if no SNPX_ASG is configured you can still access I/O's. Please note that in the HMI the type is the other way around as in the robot. So for example to access DI[1] in the robot in the HMI you would use Q_Bit 1.

    Good luck!

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