Educational License - University only?

  • Hi Jeremy,

    we want to start a projekt in the Highschool in my son's class. Background is a workshop-week, and this workshop is all around robotics - intended goal is to have the robot doing "something" and the idea is to have a pen or engraving laserhead mounted on the arm to do some "artwork" or even laser-engraving.

    Concerning the required license - is it neccessary to be a student/university-level or would it be possible to purchase an educational license of the basis of Highschool-Student?

    Thanks for coming back with some info about this - would like to check this possibility as soon as possible. Robot is a Kawasaki FS02N with C-Controller + Ethernet.

    thanks & best regards


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  • Hi Cguenther,

    As you posted the same question on our forum, I will give you a more in depth answer there.

    But quickly, yes it's possible to have a RoboDK educational license for a Highschool.


    RoboDK - Simulation and Offline programming software for industrial and collaborative robots.

    Visit us at
    Take a look at our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

  • Hello Jeremy,
    What should my univercity do to get an educational license? I mean any information to provide, etc. I need to explain the whole process to them before asking for it.

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