Transfer WorkVisual Project to KUKA Officelite

  • Can somebody help transfer a project from workvisual to officelite?

    I have officelite setup on a virtual machine. The network connection to the VM is currently set to NAT.

    I've tried changing the adapter IP to but WorkVisual cannot see the machine when I try to deploy (F6) a project

    KSS 8.6.5

    VMWorkStation 16 Player

    WorkVisual 6.0

    Best regards


  • AD
  • NAT Will work.

    Can you ping the host from VMware?

    Can you ping the VMware from the host?

    check your firewall on the host.

    try turning off wifi.... I'm not sure why that is an issue some times but i have had that specifically work with older versions of officelite.

  • it is not different than working with real controller and using KSI interface.

    1. get working WoV project that is using same major KSS version as your OL. Major version is first two numbers in the software version so for KSS8.6.5, you must also use OL8.6.

    2. Clean up the project. this means remove anything that is not compatible with OL. for example if the WoV project is from a real robot, remove KEB or any software options that are not compatible with OL.

    3. Install and configure compatible WoV. for example i am using OL85 and WoV 6.0.12 (was using 5.0.10 before). Configuring WoV means also creating profile and integrating KOPs used in WoV project. KOP versions must be exact version as used in WoV project (not only major version - all four version numbers must be exact, just like with real KRC4). if you like you can also integrate other options (perhaps you find Y200 useful for simulating IO)

    4. Start OL and login. make sure no program is selected and no configuration plugin is open (this means close all windows that are associated with controller configuration, like tool and base management, WoV project managment, etc.). If any of them are open, deploying project should still work but you will not be able to activate project after deploying.

    Tip: Messing with OL or KRC4 network settings is the fastest way to screw things up. Certainly do not mess with RTOS NIC. I would recommend to just leave all OL network settings at defaults unless you REALLY know what you are doing and what the consequences will be.

    5. rename WoV project to something unique so you don't overwrite any project on controller or OL.

    6. deploy project using WoV menu File, Browse for Project.... you do not need to know IP address of OL NICs.... you should see now OL in the Browse window. If you see more than one controller, that is normal when physical KRC4s are accessible too. you will need to identify correct controller (in this case OL) by Computer Name. Alternatively expand the controller to check serial number or robot name. This is ok when working with one or two robots but becomes inefficient when 30 robots show up.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Hi MOM

    I didn't need to change my IP address or the address of the VM to replicate the robot. I reset it to default.

    Secondly my WoV project (and real robot) was 8.6.5 with a number of different KOPs I didn't need for OfficeLite. The OfficeLite version I am running is 8.6.1.

    1. Leave IP as default

    2. Use NAT as default with VMWare

    3. Remove KOPs

    4. Use same KSS version within WoV as KSS on OL

    5. Easier to obtain existing working project from OL and then edit to suit via File, Open, Browse



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