Installing RW 5.1 in RS 2020

  • Hi,

    I think/hope this is an easy problem.

    I have a robot with RobotWare 5.15, and I want to add RW5.15 to my RobotStudio 2020. RW versions this old don't install automatically, like later versions. There are more steps. I have the RW 5.15 files, I run the windows installer, and I don't see them in the add-ins tab. I'm sure someone knows what I'm taking about, and there's a simple step that I'm missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Bradley Cooper, <br />Robotics Technician<br />Remtech Systems

  • Hi, You don't use the Add In's for RW5, you just create a media pool like you used to and then in the options for Files And Folders, selct the folder for the media pool and use Sytem Builder as before.

  • Well, this is new to me.

    On previous versions of RobotStudio, You couldn't install RW 5.x from Add-Ins tab, but You could download them from there, and install it manually later.

    In fact, You can do the same on RS 2020.2, but just with RW 5.16. In 6.08, You could download downwards to RW 5.11.

  • Hey there,

    New to RobotStudio, experienced Roboguide and MotoSIM user. This is incredibly confusing; I have never had such an issue trying to load a backup before..

    I have RS 2020.2. Attempting to open which is not available in add-in's as explained above. So, looking around some more I came across this:


    So, the next available version above 5.61 in RS 2020.2 is 6.01.. which is also not compatible, contrary to what is explained in the link above..

    I'm assuming I need a media pool to open this, as Damo explained? Which is only accessible from physical controller or ABB?

    Sheesh! Not hopping off the yellow and blue bandwagon anytime soon!

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