Changing many UTool while jogging.

  • AD
  • You can run this in BG logic

    This will allow you to set UTool number to 1 or whatever you want it to be, and set jogging method to User when you initially turn the pendant ON.

    Once the pendant is on, you can change it to whatever else you want.

    Keep in mind that you can also indirectly assign the tool number by using a Register

    Hope this helps!

    $JCR_GRP[1].$jog_coord : Jogging methods System Variable

    0 : Joint

    1: Jog Frame

    2: World Frame

    3: Tool Frame

    4: User

    Program Start

    1: IF (UO[8:ON :TP enabled] AND F[2:ON :Set UTool Num]=OFF) THEN ;

    2: $JCR_GRP[1].$jog_coord=4 ;

    3: $MNUTOOLNUM[1]=1 ;

    4: F[2:ON :Set UTool Num]=(ON) ;

    5: ENDIF ;

    6: IF (UO[8:ON :TP enabled]=OFF),F[2:ON :Set UTool Num]=(OFF) ;

    Program End

    I whisper "what the fuck" to myself at least 20 times a day...

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