New User, Need Ideas

  • So I got my Associates of Applied Sciences in Robotic Technology from Texas State Technical College in the May of 2020 (with honors). I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in IT with Western Governors University because I've had a hard time finding a job.

    This however leaves me with quite a problem. I don't own my very own industrial robot. I'm currently trying to design my own motor driver for my Arduino, but I need something in the meantime to keep all my electrical and robotics information fresh in my brain. Any suggestions? Fun robotics projects?

    This is my first post, sorry if I've formatted this wrong. I couldn't find a rules section.

    Speaking of being a new poster, is there anything I should know about the forum? Any protocol I should know about? Is there anything I've done wrong with this post? Any inside jokes I should know?

    Edit: Anyone else from Houston on here?

    I am texsquirreljr, son of TexSquirrel and MrsTexSquirrel.

    Associates in Applied Sciences of Robotic Technologies is what it says on my degree.

    Currently pursuing a Bachelors in IT.


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