Sending and recieving numeric values as DO and DI

  • Hello to everyone.

    I have an open question for community.

    What ways (if any) do You use to establish numeric values transmission over Digital IO's ?
    Do You calculate values? BGLogic? Karel?

    I usually do that as BGLogic programs, but maybe there is a better way?

    Thanks for every reply!
    Sincerely Tom.

  • The standard procedure is to define group output / input. Then it's easy f. e. :



    Okay, found it by myself.

    Thanks for OPENING my eyes...


    Does it mean that i can use that group IO as an analog value?

    I couldn't find such thing in any IO guide from FANUC. */


  • It means exactly what you see

    GO[34]=R[15] means the value of register 15 will be loaded into group output 34 and send out to another device on the network

    R[12]=GI[27] means the value of the group input 27 loaded by a external device on the network will be transfer to register 12

    How the values are created (counters, timers, analog sensor , etc ) is independent to the logic

    Retired but still helping

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