ABB S3 M93

  • Hello ,I have a problem with an old S3 M93 with external axes, suddenly there are red light turned on in the DSQC 223 and 224 board and the system don't recognize anymore the external axes, I have rebuild the DSQC 241 board some days before,can anyone help me with this issue, thanks

  • The red LED usually means the system failed to address the board. Reloading parameters should take care of it.

    You can also go to parameter I/O Type and and define the boards there. Board slots read from right-to-left starting with position 0 which is always the DSQC256A System Board. The DSQC224 Combi Board is type 40 and usually in slot 1 and the DSQC223 Digital Board is type 8.

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