The HOLD signal prevents the communication to plc

  • Hi guys,

    I try to explain that as well as i can..

    I have the permanent signal HOLD in my robot. I Know that when the plc has the control and the robot is executing code, this signal disappears.

    However,on the Add-on all the signals about robot ready are ok.

    I don't know why i send program to my robot and he still with the HOLD signal...and the robot doesnt move, of course.

    The comunication with the PLC is running, for sure.

    Maybe something about DCS or SpaceCheck are giving me problems?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you so much

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  • okey, hi to everybody and thanks HawkME ,

    The main problem was that i configured an space check badly,the robot was in no knowedge area and without alarms, the addon from the plc didn't send code to the robot beacouse this reason.

    Very careful with the space funtcions.

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