Program to manage CAD to PATH data (convert Cartesian to Joint Values) FANUC

  • We are struggling with a data issue. Currently we are trying to use FANUC RoboGuide to manage the data but the output is just a TP program when what we need is a CSV of Targets converted from Cartesian to Joint representation. Unfortunately Roboguide can only output a .LS file then you need to clean the data up to extract the joint values in a CSV format. What I am looking for is a better program to manage the kinematic data overall, something more universal but that can calculate FANUC robot joint vectors. This isn't the only issue we have with using Roboguide but the most pressing. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi

    I can't just tell you "Use this particular software"

    I'm more writing to understand better you issue

    1) Do you have CADtoPATH option on Roboguide ?

    2) Can you write computer program to read the *.ls and export the points ?

    3) Do you want to convert cartesian to joint ? I don't get it. Joint will not give you any sort of coordinates that you can transfer to another robot, cnc, etc. Usually is the other way around, most of he people wants conversion from joint to cartesian.

    Even if you could, I believe the conversion is not going to precise.

    4) Are you asking for other software package (thousands of dollars) to do the conversion ?

    Retired but still helping

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