ethernet server function - consecutive commands

  • Hi,

    I am implementing a library in C++ to communicate with the robot (YRC1000) through the Ethernet Server Function.

    Everything is going nice but only one point is not perfect.

    It should be possible to create a socket, send multiple commands (with their corresponding responses) and close (see HW1483358 page 262), but I am unable to do it. Instead, I have to create a socket each time, send command, receive response, and close socket, reopen the socket, next command, and so on. It is doable, but not efficient, specially since I should be able to do it.

    Has anyone found this or has actually been able to send consecutive commands?

    Thx in advance!

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  • Hi,

    If you see in first pages of manual, it show you the plan of send and receive data, with this method you must open socket, send command, receive data and close socket and do this work for next command, there aren't way to send some command in same time. Only one by one.

  • Hi,

    Can you point to the specific pages?

    I have read the HW1483358 manual, and seems to me that there are indeed some spots with multiple-commands-processing references.

    For example:

    • page 216: "Automatic Close of Socket ... When the command execution for the specified number of times is completed at multiple commands execution"
    • page 222: "If multiple commands need to be processed in a row, ..."
    • page 262: " Continuous Execution of Multiple Command": There is actually a picture depicting the call-response cycle for a execution of two consecutive commands using the Ethernet Server Function. This is actually the best example.

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