Kawasaki Robot Controller A83 error

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    Referencing the error codes:

    - 854

    This error relates to the referenced joints being outside of motion limits.

    If the encoders and signal are not working correctly, the values reported back could trigger this error.

    So you could do with checking the encoder values, encoder battery, harnesses from the encoder, 1FG board in the arm and 1GE board for connectivity.


    This error relates to the referenced joints encoder data being abnormal.

    Now this could be a legitimate fault in that the arm is in a different position when last power cycled or when a previous comparison was made.

    Many times, if the brake is slipping and you power the controller off/turn off the servos....the brake could be slipping.

    This is a common cause for this error.

    In addition to this, it could also be linked directly with the encoder values not being retained.

    In which case the -854 and -1516 could be conceived as very closely related.

    So I would advise checking what I've listed under the -854 fault.


    This error is relating to the 9ZA board CPU stopping processing information.

    This could be a hardware failure on the 9ZA board, or possibly another board reporting a problem, that causes the 9ZA board to stop processing information.

    In which case, most instances is to carry out an initialization procedure (only if you have a recent backup) to load in and see if it rectifies it.

    In addition to this, you have batteries installed (for the volatile ram) and if these are exhausted, could have caused data loss/corruption.

    So these batteries could do with being checked/replaced.

    Looking at all 3 errors as a whole, there doesn't seem to be a common connection to produce all of these except in areas of:

    - Battery on the 1FG for the encoders on the 1FG and the batteries on the 9ZA board.

    - Harnesses, connectivity and continuity.

    - 9ZA board data corruption or failure.

    If the picture of the 9ZA board is on a metal table, that is not a good thing at all due to the batteries and storage capacitor shorting out.

    - But the picture is not very clear as to whether the surface underneath is metal.

    Personally my recommendation of an action is:

    1. Replace the 9ZA batteries.

    2. Replace the battery assembly on the 1FG board in the arm - and also check that board for bulging capacitors.

    3. Check all pins and boards for connectivity and harnesses are secure and not broken/worn/shorting to the ground.

    4. Reinitialize the Controller (only if you have a valid backup to load in).

    You can go here for some documentation that may assist you further: A and AD Controller Documents

    Hope it helps and good luck.............:top:

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    Full list of error codes (Post #4 curtesy of Skooter ) for A and AD controllers and other documents can be found here:

    A and AD Controller Documents - Manuals, Software and Tools for Kawasaki Robots - Robotforum - Support and discussion community for industrial robots and cobots (robot-forum.com)

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