Simultaneous Asynchronous External Axis Motion

  • I have a KRC4 (v8.3.14) controlling a KR16 and a KP3 rotary table, with SafeSingleBrake.kop. Its a pretty typical setup where operator loads/unloads on one side while robot performs task on the other side.

    I think it would be neat if I could get the table on the operator side to jog +- with a button the operator controls while the robot has full synchronous control of the other table its working with. This way, the operator has more flexibility for loading parts and fixtures to that table without interrupting the robot program.

    I have all the pieces of the puzzle put together except I can't think of a clean way to command an asynchronous external axis while the KSS is busy running a program at the same time. Is there an obvious way of doing this? I was thinking maybe something to do with the sps.sub calling a jog routine when a button is pushed (if that's even possible).

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  • the only way one can jog external axis while robot is busy is to make that axis asynchronous and command it from SPS.

    this can be either coordinated or uncoordinated:

    uncoordinated means manually jogged (there are inputs for this)

    coordinated means sent to a position using ASYPTP

    all of this is in manual "KSS 8.3 configuration of kinematic systems".

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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