Krc2 executes the old .src files.

  • Hello,

    I am an intern in an industrial productivity and robotic company and I am given a project that aims sending .src and .dat files from a PC to a robot.

    We are using a KUKA Krc2 V5.2 robot and I have manage send those files through lan. But there is a problem because the robot executes the old files.

    Lets say I'm sending b.src and b.dat and running them and after that I am sending a new b.src and b.dat. At this point the robot doesn't compile my new files and runs the old ones even tho I can see my new files inside the directories of the robot.

    So what are your suggestions? What can I do to get rid of this problem.

    Have a nice day.

    Edit: I have forgot add some details.

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  • Well how are you sending the files to the robot?

    I assume you are just dropping it on the hard drive through a network connection. I can tell you that that is never going to work. When a KRC2 boots all files are basically loaded in to the RAM memory. so changing anything on the hard drive wont work.

    Look up the Kuka directory loader, that is what you need to get it working.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • Your assumption that robot works with files directly from windows filesystem is wrong. They are only used as a form of permanent storage. When robot starts, it copies the files onto a ramdisk. If your robot's KSS version supports it, there is an add-on module- Directory loader (only works in external mode though). There are plenty of forum posts about it, just search.

  • Actually I'm using a C# code to manipulate some values in the files and copy/past them on the hard drive, exacly R1\Program, so basically I'm doing what you assumed.

    Thx for the advise I will search Kuka directory loader.

  • Apparently I have a DNC software on the robot, I have made some readings about the software but couldn't really understand the exact usage of it.

    So can I use that DNC software in order to run the modules that have been sent to robot after the reboot without a new reboot or manually compile them with the HMI.

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