Questions for Fanuc Roboguide PickPro Tutorial

  • Hi Everyone.

    I'm a learning Engineer here.

    and very new to Robotics.

    Currently I'm learning to use Pick Pro from Roboguide (Fanuc). Before using PickPro I'm already quite familiar with Handling Pro. I made it through the HandlingPro tutorial and sucessfully create the basic workcell and the robot moves as it is on the tutorial.

    I went through the PickPro's first tutorial, followed all the steps and guide from the tutorial "Single infeed conveyor individual part single model ID, fixed station".

    When I tried to run the simulation, robot keeps telling me MOTN-18 Position not reach able. But it looks like the target part is reachable. maybe there's something wrong with the parameters.

    I also confused what must do in "Teach The robot" tutorial step, I think i missed that step but I doesn't know how to do it.(Yellow highlighted)

    I need help for how to run the first PickPro tutorial successfully, so I could go for the next tutorial.

    Your help would be very appreciated and I would be thankful for that.

    Best and regards.


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