.src to change feed rate?

  • Hi,

    I have a rather large programme that has been created on the teach pendant. I want to change the feed rate, can i do this by adapting the .src file by doing a 'find and replace'? The only other way i know if by adapting line by line (no thanks).....

    ;FOLD LIN P45 CONT Vel= 0.0035 m/s CPDAT42 Tool[2]:6mm-carbide Base[1]:Default_Base;%{PE}%R 5.4.35,%MKUKATPBASIS,%CMOVE,%VLIN,%P 1:LIN, 2:P45, 3:C_DIS, 5:0.0035, 7:CPDAT42

    For example above, the feed rate is 0.0035 m/s if I replace this value and then load back onto the controller will that increase the feed rate?



  • AD
  • This will not work as this is just a comment. What you need to do is edit this block by using the SmartPad. Alternatively the newest versions of WorkVisual can edit ILF but you haven't specified any versions of the KSS.

  • If you look inside the Folded code that is part of that ILF, you'll see a call to BAS, that looks something like:

    BAS(#CP_PARAMS, 0.0035)

    That is the actual executable code that sets the "feed rate". That's what you need to change.

    HOWEVER! :justice: This will create a mismatch between your executable code and the ILF. This will be harmless, unless/until someone tries to use the TouchUp or Change buttons on the pendant to adjust the ILF that you have modified. So if you really want to do this, without creating any landmines for future programmers, you would have to search&replace both the value in the ;FOLD line, and in the BAS call.

    Also, while LIN motions might use #CP_PARAMS, PTP motions will probably use #PTP_PARAMS -- BAS.SRC is a module with many options, and the Enums provided as the first argument control which branch of BAS is executed. So your search&replace will not be simple. You might need to resort to Regex tools.

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