CALSET Jig for VS-6577GM

  • Hello,

    Anybody got one of these they want to sell? It is PN 410192-00110.

    I have a VS-6577GM that sat for a while, just hoping to learn from. Replaced the batteries and had to reset the encoders to get it to move at all. Now need to complete with CALSET, but the price quote I got from Denso kinda floored me.



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  • Hi Dan,

    I am going through the same process as you did with my Denso VS-6577M, and I'm also using this robot as a way of learning - it's my first. The robot was produced in 2014, but never used. The odometer shows "0" across the board.

    I got the low battery warning at first start up. I opened up the battery compartment and did a voltage reading. It shows 2.9V and it's a 3V battery. That doesn't scream dead to me, but I guess I should just go ahead and buy a new battery...

    And while at it, I also need that CALSET jig for the 6th axis... That's the real issue, got J1 and J6 encoder errors... Perhaps I should just reset it like you did..? That sort of scared me, but if it works I'm up for trying.

    I'm waiting on a reply from Denso on how much battery and jig would cost me. I was hoping to find a STEP or STL of this part so I can just print myself a JIG on a FDM or SLA printer...

    Is that jig a one-time need type of thing? Do you still need yours? I'd even be open to "rent/buy" it if it would make sense. Get some of your investment back and perhaps it's something that can be shared. And I'll just send it back when that CALSET is taken care of.

    Anyways, I'd appreciate any input you have on solving these issues.

    Thanks in advance,


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