Continous movement on Fanuc robot from software or push button

  • Hi everyone,

    I work on project with Fanuc robot arm.

    I need to create a continous movement from external command like software, PLC or simple push button.

    I a words, i want to replace these six blue keys of teach pendant (X-,X+,Y-,Y+,Z-,Z+,...) ( see pictures below)

    Have you any ideas ?

    Thank you


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  • Nation What does this option do? I tried googling to find more info, but could not get any good results. This option sounds very useful, but wanted to get a better understanding of how it works? Thanks,

    You get a new button on the robot homepage which is the "Jogging iPendant". With that, and your computer set to a special whitelist IP address that is allowed to jog, you get a view of the pendant with the jog buttons. With those, the robot jogs like you were there.

    Personally, I think it is not a great idea. If you need to jog from a remote location a lot, you should have spent the time to create a robust auto home program.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • My bad, I thought this allowed you to jog the robot at the same speed as in full auto, but with the actual teach pendant in hand. I did not know some software was required. I probably won't get this option either.

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