Motors for robot arm

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  • Hi.

    I found powerful motors, and not so expensive (Stepper Motor Nema 34, Torque 12 Nm). But, my current problem is in relation to the transmission.

    That is, the engine is powerful, but it is also heavy, I do not want to put it in the air next to the arm because the torque it would apply would be greater because it would carry its own weight.

    1. I must use reducers, to multiply the torque.

    2. I can't use gears because they must be close to the joint, and using longer gears would make the arm more expensive.

    3. If I use toothed pulley reducers it would allow me to do what I want, but it would be very unsightly since to increase torque they must have a large diameter. That is, it is not an option for aesthetics.

    Can you think of a solution that allows me to have the motors in the base and the movement is transmitted to the body? Multiple small diameter pulleys and threads were cut out for me, but I don't know if it's very precise.

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